Stand up

A Seed & Spark Original standup special featuring 6 of comedy’s rising stars. Available to stream exclusively on Seed & Spark.


Katie lost her job.  Leah never had one.  Two sisters dive into the gritty world of underground food service delivery.  Watch them drown.  

A web series written and starring Katie Hartman and Leah Rudick.  Directed by Adam Wirtz


Currently on the festival circuit, Sweet Parents is an indie feature film from Lifted Yoke Productions, co-written and co-starring Leah Rudick and David Bly.  Sweet Parents has taken home top prizes at Brooklyn International Film Festival, Montreal World Film Festival and Lower East Side Film Festival and is currently in talks for distribution.


Sketch comedy from the cement bosom of New York Titty.

Chemical Cut

A misfit turned L.A. model struggles to define herself in the soul-crushing fashion industry, until a mysterious woman's haunting performance strikes her imagination. Starring Marjorie Conrad, Ian Coster and Leah Rudick.  Directed by America's Next Top Model contestant Marjorie Conrad.

Ten years

A short film about a married couple celebrating their yen year anniversary in Las Vegas.  Starring Leah Rudick and Chris Roberti.  Directed by Ryan Firpo.


Feature film starring Leah Rudick, David Bly & Chris Roberti, directed by Yedidya Gorsetman.   Rachel and her boyfriend Evan attend a jam band festival to document an up-and-coming band, The Epic Concept. When Rachel's gear gets stolen, Evan goes on a mission to find the missing camera.